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Information Sheets (Housekeeping)

Alcohol Free Hand Rub

Image of Alcohol Free Hand Rub package

Code: CE012

Size: 6 x 500ml

Sanitising Wipes

Image of Sanitising Wipes package

Code: CE015

Size: 6 x 200ml

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

Image of Alcohol Hand Sanitiser package

Code: CE012A

Size: 500ml

4 in 1 Disinfection Tablets

Image of 4 in 1 Disinfection Tablets package

Code: CE017

Size: 50 x 5g

Hand Lotion

Image of Hand Lotion package

Code: CE018

Size: 6 x 500ml

Acidic Washroom Cleaner

Image of Acidic Washroom Cleaner package

Code: CE101

Size: 2 x 5L

Bio Washroom Cleaner

Image of Bio Washroom Cleaner package

Code: CE102

Size: 2 x 5L

Toilet Cleaner HD

Image of Toilet Cleaner HD package

Code: CE103

Size: 6 x 1L

Glass Cleaner

Image of Glass Cleaner package

Code: CE105

Size: 6 x 750ml

Destainer Powder Shaker

Image of Destainer Powder Shaker package

Code: CE106

Size: 6 x 500g