Green hill with a row of trees

Our Story: Organic Family Farm in Somerset

Our family have farmed in Devon and Somerset for centuries, this was the inspiration behind ChemEco UK, as after over 30 years of combined work in large chemical corporates Wendy and Tony felt a calling to bring a more sustainable, simple and personal approach to the hygiene cleaning chemical market.

ChemEco UK provides ‘Hybrid Chemistry’, combining the power of plants and microbes with modern chemistry.  Sourced from the very best Britain has to offer, ‘Biotechnology’ is the future of cleaning whereby beneficial strains of bacteria and enzymes can do the work for us with zero impact on the environment!

Our range of products has been specifically created to be ‘Fundamentally Green’ giving national clients in the HORECA market sector (Hotels, Restaurants, Café’s) the ability to choose green product options that also perform to high standards.  It is the ‘best of both worlds’ in a challenging cleaning environment.

  • Products are naturally sourced
  • Microbial, plant and enzyme based
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Phosphate and Chlorine free
  • Planet and people friendly
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • And above all EFFECTIVE

We very much hope you enjoy using our products, by doing so you can participate and play your part in the sustainability journey we want to walk together for our environment.

Best wishes,
Tony and Wendy

Save Our Green Spaces

Protection of the green belt. Jill Britten (Wendy’s mother), pioneered and campaigned this movement to protect the green belt for future generations.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Paul Britten (Wendy’s father) hay making in the organic meadows at Whitewood Farm on one of his old Massey Fergusons!! ‘Recycle and reuse’ is his moto.