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What’s in our products… and more importantly what’s NOT

Each of our ChemEco UK products have been developed to contain planet friendly qualities, we also ensure certain compounds are excluded!!!

These are the reasons why:


Its manipulation and use in forming artificial chemical products has had devastating effects on the environment which we are only now beginning to understand. In its various artificial forms, chlorine plays a major role in the most pressing environmental problems which we face today; depletion of the ozone layer, global warming and acid rain


Phosphate and Phosphonate are commonly used in Dishwasher detergents and are a source of phosphorus in waterways.  Phosphorus causes over fertilisation of aquatic flora like algae and seaweed, a condition known as eutrophication.  When these flora die, they decay and use up oxygen, causing the death of fish, invertebrates, and aquatic organisms.


Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are organic chemical compounds that are able to evaporate under normal indoor conditions. VOCs are can cause indoor air pollution and adversely impact the health of people, and animals. Particularly those with underlying conditions like asthma.